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ReactJs Training In Bangalore

Begin Skills offers Best ReactJS training in Bangalore. We have most experienced ReactJS trainers who have 12+ years of MNC experience. Our modules of ReactJS match with the real-time requirement for both beginner level to advance level in a practical way.

Begin Skills is situated at Kumaraswamy Layout, Bangalore. We offer certificate oriented training in Bangalore. At the end of training, candidates will be able to clear all types of interviews. Our training modules based on practical training and placement. Our course fees are less as compare to others.

reactjs training course institute in Bangalore

About ReactJS

Reactjs is a JavaScript library used for building the user interface and single page apps in Javascript. It is most popular supported by Instagram, Facebook, and a community. ReactJS use to develop dynamic frontend applications which comes with features like data binding, universal apps, declarative views and component architecture. By ReactJS, developers can create web applications that use data for first time and change after some time without reloading the page. The primarily aim is to provide simplicity, scalability, and speed. It processes only user interfaces in applications that correspond to MVC pattern.

Our ReactJS course will help you to familiar with the concept of ReactJS library to build web applications that will help you to increase business ROI due to less maintenance cost and faster accessibility. Our professional trainers will help you with plenty of practice sessions and exercises.

Objectives & Outcomes of ReactJS Training

The objective of ReactJS Course is to learn components reusuability, uncover the power of functional UI and increase the performance by using ReactJS in an app.

  • Develop application from scratch by using latest version of ReactJS.
  • Develop website using ES6 language features.
  • Know about how tradional web development framework is differentiate from Single Page React Application
  • Create, develop and deploy react application.
  • Know about the advantages of unidirectional data flow.
  • Know about React and other popular libraries.
  • Execute server-side rendering for reducing initial load time and SEO benefits.

After this Course You will Learn

  • JavaScript in HTML5
  • Data Driven Web Applications
  • Introduction to Initial Project Setup
  • Events & Actions
  • Understanding DOM

Software Required For ReactJS Training

  • Windows/ubuntu/MAC Operating System
  • Google Chrome or other modern browsers
  • Visual Studio (VS) Code Editor
  • Node v6.0

Who Can Learn This Course?

There is no condition for learning ReactJS. But by the increasing opportunities, one can get following job roles in companies from this course:

  • IT Professionals
  • Javascript Developers
  • Front-end Developer

Our syllabus is as follows:

  • Set up
  • Component Lifecycle
  • First Component
  • Multiple Components
  • Outputting dynamic Data
    • Passing Data with Props
    • Events & ReactJS
    • State of Components
    • ReactJS update the DOM
    • Stateless Components
    • Communicating between Parent and Child Component
    • Parent and Child Components
    • Two-Way-Binding
    • React Router - Route Setup
    • React Router - Navigation & Parameters
    • Shopping Cart Project

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