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MongoDB Training Course in Bangalore

Begin Skills - Best MongoDB training institute in Bangalore by our experienced professionals. Our instructors have more than 7+ years of work experience, so students can take benefit from real-time scenarios. Our course content matches the latest industry requirements and also it includes best real-time examples, so students get the job easily after the completion of training.

Mongodb training course

MongoDB Training Course

MongoDB, also called as NoSQL database program is free and open source database program use JSON like documents with schemas. It is developed by MongoDB Inc. and it is published under the combination of GNU Affero.

MongoDB Course Content:

  • The current SQL/NoSQL landscape
  • Document-oriented vs. other types of storage
  • Mongo's featureset
  • Common use-cases
  • Introduction to JSON
  • Creating documents
  • Managing documents in collections
  • Iterating over documents
    • Field equality tests
    • Operators available
    • Projections
    • Limiting results and paging
  • Field updates
  • Field insertions and removal
  • Document deletion
  • Existential field values
  • Aggregations and groups
  • Aggregations and groups in hierarchical data
  • Altering array field elements
  • Insertion to array fields
  • Removing from array fields
  • The primary index and the _id field
  • Problems requiring an index
  • Defining secondary indexes
  • Compound indexes
  • Index selection
  • Index hints
  • Covering indexes
  • Index storage size
  • Indexes effect insertion and update speeds
  • CRUD operations through REST
  • Explanation of MapReduce
  • Types of logic that can be expressed as MapReduce declarations
  • Mapping documents
  • Reducing values
  • Authorization and securing collections, documents
  • The limits of Mongo's authorization scheme
  • Authentication
  • Mongo in the enterprise
  • Configuring replication
  • Configuring sharding
  • Accessing clustered data from client APIs
  • Latency and consistency in replicated and sharded Mongo

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